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Eng-Com Pty Ltd is an independent supplier of competitively priced spares and replacement parts for On-Load Tapchangers and Switchgear. We are the Australian distributor for Ferranti Tapchangers Limited for whom we stock a representative range of OEM parts for the DS2 and ES3 models. Other tapchanger types are supported from Ferranti's extensive stock in the UK.

We are the Australian agents for Brush Transfomers Limited who are the current manufacturer of the Associated Tapchangers Limited (ATL) type AT and AE tapchanger and supplier of spare parts for the Fuller Electric / ATL range. Common consumable items are held in Melbourne for the ATL type "AT" and Fuller/ATL type "F". We also have a close association with Powerserve UK Limited who are an independent tapchanger and switchgear service specialist and are also stockists for Brush / ATL.

Tapchanger spares can also be supplied from Powerserve as pattern parts for equipment from English Electric, GEC and AEI to name but a few. Pattern parts are also available ex UK for oil immersed MV circuit breakers, including Reyrolle, Brush, GEC and other British manufacturers.

As well as spares, Eng-Com can also offer service support and training for ATL and Ferranti tapchangers.

A new service we are able to provide for all makes of tapchanger is Vibro-Accoustic Analysis using the Zensol TAP-4 system, for which we are also the Australian and New Zealand agent. The TAP-4 gives maintenance staff key information about the condition of contacts, drive train and other mechanical parts without taking the transformer out of service. The technology was developed by Zensol Automation in Canada in conjunction with Hydro Quebec.

Eng-Com is owned by David Peck whose experience with tapchangers and switchgear includes employment with Crompton Parkinson, British Electric Transformer, Hawker Siddeley Power Transfomers and Associated Tapchangers in the UK, and Hawker Siddeley Brush, Wilson Transformer, Ampcontrol, Tyree and EDT in Australia. Eng-Com Pty Ltd was founded in 2001. For more information about us please refer to the Introduction on our Brochure page.

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