Eng-Com Pty Ltd - Privacy Policy

Our web site has areas where individuals can provide identifying information and we have developed our Privacy Statement to inform web site visitors of our policies and practices regarding such information.

Generally, Eng-Com Pty Ltd only collects identifiable information that is specifically and voluntarily provided by a visitor to our site. A visitor to our site may choose to provide this information to register for certain areas of the site or to enquire after our products. When a visitor provides this type of identifiable information to us, we use it solely for the purposes for which it was provided.

Eng-Com Pty Ltd may receive limited identifiable information, such as name, title, company address, email address, and telephone and fax numbers from web site visitors. Typically, identifying information is collected to register for certain areas of the site, or inquire for further information, or to request reference material. It is Eng-Com Pty Ltd policy to limit the information collected to only the minimum information required to complete a visitor's request.

Our policy is not to share personally identifiable information with third parties other than our UK Principals, unless required by law, or unless explicitly requested by a visitor. We recognise that your information is valuable and we take all reasonable measures to protect your information while it is in our care. We may use small text files called cookies to improve the overall site experience, however, these are not used to track individual visitors to our site. The use of cookies is now standard operating procedure for most Web sites, however if you are uncomfortable with the use of cookies, most browsers now permit users to opt-out of receiving them.  

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